Selfmade arma 3 missions


SealDrop Altis Life

SealDrop AltisLife is the most successful ScriptPack for ArmA 3. This package includes more than 50 custom made scripts.

SealDrop king of the hill

SealDrop King of the Hill (KotH) is the first public Open Source release of the successful King of the Hill gamemode for the ArmA 3 multiplayer.

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About Sealdrop

Hey wait! Here are some very important informations

Hey Guys! My name is DeadP4xel. I'm the owner and developer of

In October 2014 I released my first project with the name SealDrop AltisLife. And yeah.. It's very popular now.

After a long session of wasting time in ArmA 3 Wasteland I started to create my own modification for the ArmA 3 multiplayer. I scripted five months to get my new project finished. In November 2015 I released my second project for ArmA 3 with the name SealDrop King Of The Hill.

  • Support

    We have a own and selfmade support formular that we can guarantee a good support

  • Open Source

    All our projctes are open source so you can change it according to your wishes

  • High Performance

    Our code is completely optimized for high player servers

  • update & Development

    Our projects are always up-to-date



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